Interestingly and honestly, dosing with CBD is quite a mystery!

There’s currently no RDA for phytocannabinoids due in large part to lack of research, which results from the moratorium on cannabis research. Fear not though – the Farm Bill of 2014 lifted the ban on producing Industrial hemp for research purposes. Studies are in motion and in the future, we may be able to provide numbers for treating certain conditions. Until then, we can experiment and estimate where to commence our journey.

Depending on several factors, each of us will have a dose that is unique and may change depending on various factors: the concentration of CBD, weight of the individual, the individual’s body chemistry and finally, the severity of the condition being treated. With a little trial and error, one is sure to find their sweet spot. Starting at a low dose and titrating up is very common and effective, although some choose to take a higher dose at and flood their ECS. Both methods are considered safe, but with the latter be careful not to overdo it – you may waste your CBD! Be aware that your body’s physiology changes daily, possibly hourly, therefore optimal doses may fluctuate throughout a user’s lifetime.

Trying out several product-lines is a nice idea, especially if you have a reputable source and the budget. Comparing and contrasting can give you a greater grasp of what’s most beneficial for you and can grant you better results!

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