Who is DREEM? 

DREEM Nutrition presents itself as the breath of fresh air, as the oasis in the middle of the desert; in an explosive industry driven by the dollar, our DREEM is about improving lives. DREEM was established in March of 2015, allowing us to be a market leader and innovator within the hemp/cannabinoid supplement space.

The Hemp derived CBD market is no doubt going to be a financial windfall for all that are involved, but that doesn’t mean that the customers, the ones making it possible, are receiving all that they need.

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What makes DREEM Unique? 

DREEM Integrity is conveyed to our customers through quality control and advanced formulations, through a scientific approach, that are administered by innovative delivery systems. Our team is hand picked with individuals driven by success through creating longevity. DREEM Nutrition is proud to be a veteran owned company, making our team hardwired to serving others.

We are based in Russiaville, IN where we have our own lab for manufacturing. We were the 11th licensed hemp grower in the State of Indiana since WWII. We engage in the industry in all aspects from genetics supply to farmers for growing hemp to finished products.


"The discovery of supplementing phytocannabinoids to optimize your ECS is potentially one of the largest breakthroughs in human science in our lifetime." -Austin Rhodus

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Meet The DREEM Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Served 5 years in the United States Navy as a Logistics Specialist on a Nuclear Submarine. Received numerous awards including a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and Good Conduct Medal. Austin excels in quickly recognizing and implementing change when needed. His accountability to innovative business success has been critical in transitioning DREEM to its current posture of setting quality standards in the CBD industry. He oversees day to day executive management and enthusiastically seeks new relationships with other business professions and strategic partners. Austin defined his passion for Cannabis and has been pursuing advancements in the industry for 7+ years.


Chief Operating Officer

Greg Kruger is a founding partner and the Chief Operating Officer of DREEM Nutrition. Greg spent 18 years in pharmaceutical sales with the majority of his time focused around peptide hormone therapies. His experience equipped him with a passion for science and a mandate for compliance. Greg is a believer in natural plant based therapies and works hard to ensure that the highest science and quality is understood, implemented, and delivered. If you catch a presentation from Greg, he will likely pair an understanding of the science of cannabis in the human body, with the power of personal accountability and emotional health. Greg is an avid student of meditation, neurology and personal growth. His passion is to help people and that is why he is in this industry and on the DREEM team. “It’s simple, our body makes and uses cannabinoids for its ultimate balance and functioning. What better way to help people than to research, create and educate on products that can supplement the natural system of our bodies.”

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Chief Legal Officer

Chad Dickerson has served as DREEM Nutrition’s Chief Legal Officer since April 2018. Chad is in charge of all legal affairs, risk management, and corporate compliance for DREEM. He also serves as a general adviser with respect to DREEM’s operations and corporate strategy. After gaining valuable corporate and securities experience at leading law firms in New York, Chad is thrilled to be in Indiana as part of a strong team with integrity, who are leaders in the hemp industry. Chad grew up in the small Indiana town of Fairmount, just down the road from his grandparents’ dairy farm, and is thrilled to be part of the new agricultural industry of hemp, a tremendous plant with the ability to improve people’s health and general well-being and provide a sustainable source of industrial material.


Director of Business Development

Elaine Gulinson is our Director of Business Development. She graduated from Purdue University with her degree in Horticulture Production and Marketing. She has worked in multiple large scale production facilities growing annuals and perennials, although she spent most of her career on the sales side of the business. Elaine comes with a unique perspective on retail and is excited to move Dreem to the next level. Elaine lives in Carmel with her husband and 3 children.

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Head Grower

I am a US Navy veteran and I have spent the better part of ten years with my hands on cannabis. Whether we are talking nutrition, fiber and grain, paper and textiles, biofuel, environmental remediation, medical application etc., -the list seems endless. The versatility of hemp is incredible. The impact this industry will have[has] on the world is incredibly beneficial. Being able to navigate that territory and help shape the future is what makes growing hemp so exciting. Pioneering this movement is the most fulfilling endeavor I have ever been a part of. It is humbling and an honor; to say the least.


Distribution Manager

Kristie Rhodus is the Distribution Manager at DREEM Nutrition and has been with the company since March 2018. She handles all shipping and invoicing, making it her goal to get orders shipped out promptly. Originally from Havertown, Pennsylvania, she has grown to love the Midwest! Outside of work Kristie enjoys hiking, crafting and spending quality time with family. One reason she wanted to start working at DREEM Nutrition is because of HEMP! She believes in and stands behind hemp products and uses them in her daily regimen. “There are so many possibilities to help change the world for the better using Hemp!”

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